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Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning, created in 2022 by Alex Duquette & Dave Rediger, is a variety program that combines nostalgia-based conversations with satirical music and sketch comedy.


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June 24, 2023
Art by Gela Rediger | Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

"ONE WEEK AWAY from season 2 of Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning. Impatiently waiting & doodlin' all my excitement away." - Gela Rediger


May 29, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

See you again on July 1st.


May 1, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM Champaign, Illinois

[AD] CAMP NOSTALGIC: SATURDAY MORNING MARATHON | On Saturday, JUNE 3, 2023, Camp Nostalgic Studios presents: The "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" Marathon! Including:* First 6 episodes of "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning"!* Never-before-seen footage of the making of the show!* An opportunity to chat LIVE with cast, crew, & friends!

April 21, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

A brand NEW block of "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" will be starting in July! That means more skits, different topics, original music, cameos, and MORE!


April 21, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

Our good friend, the "G.O.A.T of Quote" himself, Austin Beaty, doesn't just flex those beefy deductibles around town..No no...He's also been known to crank that Stepmom Boat Party during his morning routines!If you're into Stepmom's, boats, parties, bands with those things in the title, or just need that extra head-turner at the gym..pick yourself up an official Stepmom Boaty Party T-shirt HERE


April 21, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

Become a groupie for the official "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" house band with a Stepmom Boat Party t-shirt! Available HERE


March 20, 2023
via Earth-217

Gela was on Chase & Shep's Mondays for the Mind podcast last night! She talked about her recent trip to Buffalo, New York, animation, and even some quick mentions about "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" season 2.

January 22, 2023
Art by Gela Rediger | Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

Alex & Dave are fishin' up new ideas for Season 2 of "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning"! Check out this new animated bumper from Gela!


August 26, 2022
via A Hasty Podcast

This morning, Dave & Gela called into "A Hasty Podcast" to talk with their good friend Weston Hasty!

They chatted about videomaking, the early days of YouTube, creating Camp Nostalgic, producing with friends (Alex Duquette, Randy Phillips), animating, & much much more!

August 8, 2022
via Earth-217

Gela joined Chase & Shep for a Mellow MondayShe discussed her beginnings with art & animation, her love for videomaking, some of her favorite comic books, Camp Nostalgic & MORE!

August 6, 2022
Rebelsfare Collective - Oakwood, Illinois

Welp, we told them not to...but, this past Saturday morning, Stepmom Boat Party rocked the jukebox! It all went down at Rebelsfare Collective LLC in Oakwood, Illinois.

Listen to their latest song "'C'home, Darlin'" this month on Saturday Morning!

Also, purchase a SMBP T-shirt here.


July 2, 2022

Today Dave was on a guest on Austin Beaty's PaigncastDave discusses growing up making videos, struggling with grades throughout school, becoming a storyteller, meeting Gela, launching Camp Nostalgic, and more!!Listen on YouTube via "Paigncast".

July 2, 2022
Rebelsfare Collective - Oakwood, Illinois

They call themselves "Stepmom Boat Party".

They are the official Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning house band & they play at Rebelsfare Collective in Oakwood, Illinois.

Listen to their song "Mama" this month on Saturday Morning!

Also, purchase a SMBP T-shirt here.


June 26, 2022

We're happy to see someone sipping out of their Saturday Morning mug this morning! Get YOURS here!

"Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" premieres July 2nd


February 10, 2022
Camp Nostalgic: Studio South - Memphis, Tennessee

We are speeding towards NEW content, from two different parts of the country! It was a blast to have musician Samantha Rae visit Camp Nostalgic: Studio South to lend her voice for an upcoming character!


Alex Duquette & Steph Galella are doing a fantastic job in both music and photography. It warms our hearts to have such a solid team. | photo by Steph Nicole Photography

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