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aaron sheppard

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Aaron Sheppard is an American storyteller best known for his acting.

He debuted for Camp Nostalgic on October 22, 2022 as the voice as Peller in the animated series "Stupie & Fran-Fran" and has since been featured as an occasional sketch player in videos such as Lonnie Borris in the "Borris Brother's Hearse Service".


​2024 | The Borris Brothers Hearse Service
              (Lonnie Borris) | ACTOR

2024 | Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning / A Field Report from Vadim Neubeck (July)
              (Townsperson) | ACTOR

2023 | Stupie & Fran-Fran: Peller's Mellers
              (Peller) | ACTOR, VOICE

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