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Chase Todd is an American storyteller best known for his acting, directing, and writing.

He debuted for Camp Nostalgic on May 25, 2022 as a voice in the animated series "Stupie & Fran-Fran". Since then, Chase has been featured as a frequent sketch player in videos such as Buck Borris in the "Borris Brother's Hearse Service", "Ranger Wives"; as well as providing his voice for videos revolving around "The Mafia & the Rich" and as the narrator for "Dick Sheppard's Brew".

In 2022, Chase wrote and directed a short story for Camp Nostalgic called "
Routine" that starred Katherine Bokenkamp and featured Pam Erickson.

In 2024, Chase appeared in Camp Nostalgic's first video special "
Pat's Spooky Night", in where he played himself.


2024 | Pat's Spooky Night
              (himself, Dolly's Father in "Wolfdolly") | ACTOR, CAMERA OPERATOR

2024 | The Borris Brothers Hearse Service
              (Buck Borris) | ACTOR

2024 | Ranger Wives
              (Ranger Scott) | ACTOR, CAMERA OPERATOR

2024 | Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning / A Field Report from Vadim Neubeck (July)
              (Town Hall Curator) | ACTOR, CAMERA OPERATOR

2023 | Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning / "Breakfast Thanksgiving"
              (himself) | ACTOR

2023 | Viva La PAM
              (Rake) | ACTOR

2023 | Who's in Your House?!
              (Producer) | ACTOR

2022 | Dick Sheppard's Christmas Brew
              (Narrator) | VOICE

2022 | Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning / "Breakfast Thanksgiving"
              CAMERA OPERATOR

2022 | Routine: A Short Story by Chase Todd (commentary track)
              DIRECTOR, WRITER

2022 | The Mafia & the Rich
              (Narrator) | VOICE

2022 | Stupie & Fran-Fran / "Poop on the Stoop"
              (Construction Worker) | VOICE

2022 | Cheapo's Family Restaurant
              (Cook) | ACTOR

2021 | A Christmas Show with Rebelsfare Collective
              CAMERA OPERATOR

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