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Jai is an American storyteller best known for her acting.

In 2017, Jai first appeared in the comedy video "Slumber Party", produced by Coffee at Eight.

She debuted for Camp Nostalgic on May 25, 2022 as the voice of Stupie's mother in the animated series
 "Stupie & Fran-Fran", and has since been featured as a frequent sketch player in videos such as Sarah Lynn in "Ranger Wives".

In 2024, Jai appeared in Camp Nostalgic's first video special "
Pat's Spooky Night", in where she played the character of Candace.


2024 | Pat's Spooky Night
              (Candace) | ACTOR

2024 | Ranger Wives
              (Sarah Lynn) | ACTOR, CONCEPT

2024 | Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning / A Field Report from Vadim Neubeck (July)
              (Sarah Lynn) | ACTOR

2023 | Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning / "Breakfast Thanksgiving"
              (herself) | ACTOR

2023 | Stupie & Fran-Fran: Runs in the Family
              (Stupie's Mother) | ACTOR, VOICE

2022 | Stupie & Fran-Fran: Peller's Mellers
              (Stupie's Mother) | ACTOR, VOICE

2022 | Stupie & Fran-Fran: Poop on the Stoop
              (Stupie's Mother) | ACTOR, VOICE

2017 | Slumber Party
              (Lauren) | ACTOR

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