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Setting Up Camp, created in 2021 by Dave Redigeris a mini-documentary series that highlights independent artists and the brands they've built.


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August 19, 2023
A Couple of N3rds | Spotted Octopus Brewing Company - Buffalo, New York

The good people over at the Spotted Octopus Brewing Company in Buffalo, New York enjoying a viewing of Setting Up Camp: A Couple of N3rds!


March 15, 2023
A Couple of N3rds | Spotted Octopus Brewing Company - Buffalo, New York

Dave & Gela just wrapped up production on their latest independent story!



Coming up, A Couple of N3rds!


July 2, 2022

Today Dave was on a guest on Austin Beaty's PaigncastDave discusses growing up making videos, struggling with grades throughout school, becoming a storyteller, meeting Gela, launching Camp Nostalgic, and more!!Listen on YouTube via "Paigncast".

September 21, 2021
via Bitter Marks -
Chicago, Illinois

In our latest Setting Up Camp, on Champaign-Urbana Comedy, we sat down with longtime friends of the brothers, Dan & Sasa from Bitter Marks podcast, to talk about their early days on the independent wrestling circuit.

This past Tuesday night, on the Bitter Marks podcast, they both gave their review of the mini-doc! But we're not gonna tell you exactly when...Check out the whole broadcast!!

July 22, 2021
CU-Comedy | Pizzeria Antica - Champaign, Illinois

Dave & Gela just wrapped up production on their next independent story!


Coming up, Champaign-Urbana Comedy!


June 24, 2021
via WCIA News -
Champaign, Illinois

"Independent storyteller"... Now THAT's got a ring to it!

Jesse Tuttle of Champaign-Urbana Comedy visited with Heather Roberts on CI Living at the WCIA studios to plug a few upcoming comedy events! And, believe it or not, if you can imagine it, Camp Nostalgic Studios TM was squeezed right in-between those WCIA 3 News cameras, capturing the entire thing for our latest independent story.

June 9, 2021
CU-Comedy | Pizzeria Antica - Champaign, Illinois

These are going to be a lot of fun!! Follow CU-Comedy for all upcoming show dates. We will be attending these events this month & throughout the summer.


Dave & Gela just spent the day at Rebelsfare Collective & have a wonderful independent story to share with you very soon.

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