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NWA Powerrr Episode 137

DAVE REDIGER | December 14, 2023 in Champaign, Illinois

                    "This is the NWA. Where history lives and where legends are forged." are the opening words said as two circus clowns appear on the screen in slow motion. (Let's save the badass monologues for badass situations, huh? But alright...)

The National Wrestling Alliance has returned to the Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida (the first time since 1987) for back-to-back episodes of NWA Powerrr! Joe Galli, former NWA Worlds Champion Tim Storm, and Danny Dealz call the action in this beautifully lit building, detailed to feel perfectly nostalgic as only owner Billy Corgan has been able to bring us time and time again.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

The Heavenly Butterflies v. Daisy Kill & Talos

                    I love Daisy's look...but damn, do I hate his name.

Nowhere in this 6-minute match did "Mr. Kill" ever come off as being a "Daisy". Okay, I get it..he debuted holding a ukelele, repping the flower power lifestyle..okay.. But! Could you imagine an NWA Worlds Champion being named "Daisy Kill"? And believe me, this guy has got "World Champion" tattooed somewhere on his body.

All jokes aside, Kill truly does have the "it factor". As a viewer, you can just tell. Whenever he walks onto my screen, I simply pay attention to him. So, please, Mr. Corgan, change that damn NAME.

I mean, what is up with this generation and their names? How about Mr. Kill switches names with one of his opponents tonight from "The HeAveNLy BuTteRFlieS"? Yeah, he can take "Tony Donati"! Shit, call him John..or Paul..or George..or even Ringo! Anything! Here's a guy who looks like the combination of Van Hammer, Raven, Shane DouglasBrian Pillman, and oddly enough a little like the guitarist Slash...Yet, we just call him "Daisy🌼"

Anyway. He's tagging with his 7-foot-tall (they're always "7 feet tall"...) "muscle" (as if he really needs it...), Talos. Boy, I feel bad for the big guys. There is so little imagination that ever goes into their presentations.


"He's 7 feet tall! The end."

Listen, there's nothing intimidating about a skinny tall guy, as his 5-foot-something effeminate prancey-dancey opponent (Faboo Andre) displays throughout the matchup. He's just tall.

You know who is really impressive here? (Despite all the sparkly stars covering his ass...) Tony Donati! Once he gives up the weird purple butterflies, and starts really getting to work, look out! He's got Jr. Heavyweight Champion (if not a television title) in his future.


Speaking of!


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Colby Corino v. Joe Ocasio

                    Wow! What an unbelievable match. No, really, this match was not believable at all. I'll explain.

While his father was known as the "King of Old School", Colby Corino comes off more as the King of "Fuck School, Dad! I'm gonna become a drummer in a hardcore band!"

At 161 pounds, Colby looks more like a skinny record store clerk rather than a professional wrestler..let alone the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

His opponent on the other hand, Joe Ocasio, looks exactly how a professional wrestler should present themself. The difference between his and Colby's physiques alone clearly demonstrate the mentality and personal standards of the modern day pro wrestler. As well as the modern day bookers standards for what passes for a pro wrestlers physique. This match-up unfortunately reminded me of the coordination between pro wrestlers when it continuously portrayed a man, 63 pounds lighter than his opponent, out-wrestling the challenger 60/40. And although Ocasio was announced as 224 pounds, just meeting the 225 pound weight cap in the NWA Jr. Heavyweight division, simply standing taller at 6'0", hitting harder, and being visibly thick as a brick, he clearly belongs in a higher weight division.

But, he lost. Champ retains..


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Airica Demia v. Taylor Rising v. Allie Recks

                    Taylor Rising...'nuff said.

Most lower-card women in pro wrestling remind me of the Lucha Libre stars of Mexico. Not for any particular in-ring abilities or personalities...but because, much like the endless variety of costumed luchadores, you can often only tell these female wrestlers apart by their hair color. 

Not every wrestler can perform to the levels of a Kamille, a Mickie James, a Thunder Rosa, or a Serena Deeb. With that, bookers should also not feel obligated to fill a female demographic for their roster if the talent pool is indeed too shallow. 

Although this was a great showing for Taylor, unfortunately Airica Demia and Allie Recks both displayed poor, not-ready-for-TV (or YouTube) in-ring performances. There were stalls, stumbles, sandbags, and even some awkward video game offense. One particular strike from Airica Demia was so off-putting, resembling an anime-style energy blast that she wound up for, it had guest commentator, Danny Dealz, saying with confusion, "that [strike] came from...someplace..". Followed up by color commentator and former NWA Worlds champion, Tim Storm, quickly responding with, "I'm gonna say 'Mortal Kombat' if I were to guess.". Which says a lot to where the believability of pro wrestling matches has devolved into over recent decades.

Through it all, Taylor Rising came out victorious after multiple nasty-looking (in a good way) German suplexes and an impressive overall presentation. Proving that a simple look, a well-toned physique, and a kick ass arsenal is what people take away. Timeless.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

with The Southern Six

                    If this is your first exposure to The Southern Six, your takeaway could very well be like mine. Do these men look like professionals here? No. They in fact look like kids who are in line at Wrestle Con to get their belts autographed BY the professionals.


I get it. They're supposed to be like the Freebirds, right? Sloppy, trashy, Southern "good old boys", correct? Unfortunately, they look like spoiled, small town farm kids. Plus, they did the biggest no-no in any interview by dismissing the correspondent, Kyle Davis, who is the only person here dressed like a professional. 


                    With that all aside, they are highly amusing, though! Specifically Thillbilly Silas Mason. What a badass in the ring. And there's nothing wrong with a group having a good time! But do I take their appearances seriously? an organization with the prestige of the National Wrestling Alliance? No. This has "indy" written all over it.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

The Immortals v. Brothers of Funstruction

                    Grown men pretending to be Vikings versus Grown men pretending to be clowns.

Do you think the National Wrestling Alliance understands just how stupid they make their fans over 12 feel when explaining their product to people sometimes? Imagine being an outsider and hearing about an athletic contest between two guys with video game & comic book Viking personas competing against two men from a circus... And it's for the championships! Why do companies do this to their fans? It's insulting.

I'm not discrediting the abilities of anyone in this contest! But every single promotion must have a Viking. Every single backyard promotion must have a Juggalo...and well! The NWA has THEE Juggalo! (ICP is great, by the way but I'm just saying).

What? You want me to give an actual opinion of the work-rate in this match? Okay okay..

Well, Kratos is an absolute powerhouse. An unbelievably strong athlete..but he's a Viking. And, well, his partner, Odison? Another freak of nature...but he's also a..Viking. And then there's the Brothers of Funstruction! Yabo! Wow, what a bumper that guy is...but he's a wrestling ... clown. And his partner Ruffo is an excellent showman...for uh...clown, that's right.

In the end, it was all a good ol' classic circus gag when the championship match was halted by the interference of "The Kids". Two athletes smaller than Yabo & Ruffo's boots. And so, it looks like they want a shot at the two massive Viking US Tag Team Champions

And we're off the air!

Thanks for reading! I am not a wrestling journalist. I don't have a star rating system. I'm just a viewer, a simple fan, and a historian through and through. 

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