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NWA Powerrr Episode 141

DAVE REDIGER | January 9, 2024 in Champaign, Illinois

                    The National Wrestling Alliance has returned for the fourth and final part (for now) at Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida for the season finale of NWA Powerrr! These shows have looked beautiful! Billy Corgan's main strength has always been his attention to historical detail. Like I stated last week, this feels like wrestling! Tonight's program is called by Joe Galli, Danny Dealz, and former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

NWA World Tag Team Championships
Kylie Pagie v. Missa Kate & Ruthie Jay

                    The night begins when we find out that Kylie Paige's tag team champion partner, Ella Envy, is absent due to the flu..Therefore Paige will have to defend the NWA World Tag Team Championships all by her lonesome against the team of Missa Kate & Ruthie Jay.

You know...It would seem that Kylie Paige would be much more suited for the porn industry rather than the pro wrestling industry. I could be wrong here... Maybe it was the constant smacking of her own ass, and rubbing her pussy all over Jay's back that made me entertain the idea. Hmm... Eh, some guys really enjoy that in their women's wrestling...but hey! There's also porn for that, too...!


I mean, what's with these chicks these days? Stinkfaces, dry humping each other during pinfalls... Listen, I'm too broke to afford a subscription to your Onlyfans account, okay? And I know that women's wrestling has played second-fiddle for a century...but, honestly, if you want to bring respect to your craft,...just wrestle! We already had a generation of beauty contests and striperella wrestlers. We want brutality!


I can't say that for all of them, though. That would be extremely unfair to great wrestlers like Missa Kate. For starters, she seemed dressed for an actual athletic contest...and her gear kept everything on her in place. I like how she keeps it simple; sporting a pair of black wrestling shoes (and Lord knows she uses 'em!


I know that I gave her inter-gender match shit two weeks ago, because c'mon..., but Missa is an incredible wrestler! Her kicks hit, her chops are brutal, and she remains grounded; constantly in the attack-position. Why isn't she in the NWA World Championship picture?! If anyone should've took the belt off Kamille, at NWA 75, it should've been someone of the caliber of Missa!

Regardless, Kylie did manage to beat both Missa & Ruthie due to a distraction from her security and run-in by her sister, Kenzie, in a hoodie...but nothing covering up her bottom gear... Oh, speaking of the NWA World Champion!


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

NWA World Championship
Kenzie Paige v. Miss Starr

                    Remember what I said a few weeks ago about the Jr. Heavyweight Championship match between Cornio & Ocasio being just too psychically unbelievable? Yeah...Kenzie is like the Colby Corino of the women's division...

I cannot believe this teeny-weeny woman dethroned the 5th longest NWA World Champion Kamille.. What a farce. 

This title match between Kenzie and Miss Starr saw Paige kicking her larger opponent around like a piece of shit. And even though Starr would occasionally toss her from pillar to post, itty-bitty Kenzie managed to hit back even harder and literally, at one point, kick her ass to the ground. 

And once again, the scrawnier wrestler prevails.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Trevor Murdoch & Mike Knox v. The Country Gentlemen

                    Now THIS is an NWA tag team match! Hard hitting. Believable. Testosterone!


What is it with Billy Corgan's odd vision for tag team wrestling?... Putting "acts" like the Slimeballs, the video game Vikings, and those circus clowns on top of both of his tag team divisions?!

You have believable men like The have impressive-looking men like The Spectacluars...and you also have tough-ass teams like the Country Gentlemen and Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch!


Both of these teams, in presentation alone, legitimize your product. They bring guts to the sport. They allow the viewer to suspend their disbeliefs because they are equally as intimidating. Yet, they don't fit into Corgan's twisted sideshow vision of the National Wrestling Alliance so they're always put on the outside to look in. So frustrating. 

Only in Billy Corgan's NWA will you see the job guys or the corny gimmicks hold the gold...and the legitime badass teams jerk the curtain!

Speaking of!


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

The Southern Six

                    Get Silas Mason away from these giggly, pimply, redneck high school rejects! The "Thrillbilly" is quite possibly the biggest dude on your roster. He hits harder than just about anyone in the entire company. But he's sunk into the thick mud of The Southern Six. When he should be having one of the most rememberable NWA US Heavyweight Championship runs under Corgan's regime, because he's just that damn impressive in the ring, he's picking his nose with his loser buddies and beating up perverted freaks in 6-man tag matches.

Hell, this guy is NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship material, Billy! He'd bring a hell of a lot more legitimacy to your brand than....


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

EC3 v. Jax Dane

                    Ethan Carter Page... Man. EC3 is probably the corniest NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion in history. (And I'm even counting Colt Cabana!) His presentation is about as phony as his fake, whispery voice....and the cape he wears to the ring is about as dumb as the mop sitting on top of his head. Man, Billy sure knows how to pick 'em....


Jax Dane's a pretty tough dude! I'd sure hope so; being the 92nd NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion! But, sadly, the National Wrestling Alliance had already spoiled the finish of this match with their hilarious promotion of the upcoming "UlTimAte MAtcH of DEAth" between EC3 and Matt Cardona at NWA Paranoia... I like to call it: "Grown children rolling around in glass for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship". 

Oh EC3...such a weird dude. He won the match.

Thanks for reading! I am not a wrestling journalist. I don't have a star rating system. I'm just a viewer, a simple fan, and a historian through and through. 

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