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NWA Powerrr Episode 140

DAVE REDIGER | January 2, 2024 in Champaign, Illinois

                    The National Wrestling Alliance has returned for part three at Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida for another episode of NWA Powerrr! What an absolutely beautiful display under the bright lights. This feels like wrestling! Tonight is called by Joe Galli, Danny Dealz, and former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Joe Alonzo v. Alex Misery

                    The first NWA matchup of 2024 was a pretty great showing between two differing Jr. Heavyweight styles! I have to was quite refreshing to see a hard-hitting contest that didn't devolve into silliness. And even though I would normally just roll my eyes at a "psycho gimmick", for being so overdone and insultingly indy..., that Alex Misery was pretty damn impressive here! Both him and Joe Alonzo seriously laid 'em in during the entirety of this match and it was quite a pleasure to watch.

This is what wrestling is all about. (Minus the daddy issues from Mr. Misery..) The kicks all connected, the hits were solid, and the flips were performed spectacularly when the times called for them. And they both portrayed themselves rather skillfully, and not like hyper younger brothers jumping on the couch...Like most Jr. Heavyweights do... This was great.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Samantha Starr

                    Oh Samantha...I just...don't...believe you. Not your words. Not your look. You come off here like a bitchy high school senior...Sorry...


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Anthony Catena v. Jake Dumas v. Storm Thomas

                    We have ourselves a No. 1 contenders match for Mim's NWA Television championship! Huh, I thought Mim's just picked his own opponents.... Well, anyway! Tonight, Jake Dumas takes on two virtually unknowns for a chance at television gold. Odd proving methods in this company..Jeesh.

Right off the bat, let me just say this about Storm Thomas. How the hell are you allowed to step into an NWA ring with sneakers and red, torn-up skinny jeans...? And furthermore... How in the hell did the Cauliflower Alley Club name you the 2018 Male Wrestler of the Year? You can't just steal my wife's pants, throw on some elbow pads, and become "wrestler of the year"! I mean, just look at your opponents! You got Anthony Catena.. eh, a little hoppy but at least he got dressed today..!! 

I like Catena. He's tough to really categorize, though. Tall, good physique.. not exactly Heavyweight division material..but he sure does jump around like a Jr.. I could see a Television championship around his waist someday. 

Now, the guy I really enjoyed watching in this contest was Jake Dumas! What a look! The size, the hair, the gear, and....dear God..he's a magician.. WHY?!? Jake, you have an incredible look, my man. Your build, the suspenders, the also do..MAGIC? Ugh, what is wrong with these wrestlers?! This just isn't cool at ALL. I'm glad you won, though! 


          source | National Wrestling Alliance


                    Did I miss the joke? No..I mean, seriously.. There's got to be a joke here, right? Billy, sir.. You can only celebrate 50 years once, man. It''s not happening twice... 

Tell me that there's gonna be a payoff to this....Like, a follow up...or.. a re-do.. Because this was tragically underwhelming.

So, you advertise the celebration of one of the NWA's still functional veterans, and bring him to Robart's Arena, to stand in front of his peer and longtime rival, Bobby Fulton, and the granddaughter of the legendary Eddie him a plaque?

Was this a comedy bit? Because even though, Billy, you stood there laughing, and it sort of felt like a much bigger surprise was around the corner...The best part of this entire ordeal was watching Austin Idol tear into you with some of the most honest remarks that any NWA diehard would love to say to you.

And..if he was just "heeling", well, then he definitely turned babyface in this following moment.. Not only did you instantly interrupt his and Bobby's much desired interaction, by granting yourself your own entrance to the ring,... but you couldn't even dress up for the most decorated member of your roster on the 50th anniversary of his professional career.


                    "Now, wait a minute, 'big time'. 'Big Money'. 'Big rock star'." Austin says. --- You're the big, iconic 'rock star'.--- Now, you're gonna give me a plaque? You should be giving me a diamond studded Presidential Rolex watch! You give me a cheap ass plaque like this and I'm supposed to be over the moon? Oh, look at this! It's a plaque! ... For 50 years in the business?! What a cheapskate! -- Broke Billy! --- Look at your outfit and look at what I'm wearing.

Now, whether that was all staged or not...Damn right! Billy, I find it hilarious that you now want to go by "William Patrick Corgan"... As if that's your professional wrestling business man name... Uck! No, sir, you are just little Billy Corgan with your hoodie and sneakers. No respect for the legacy of the three letters you bought!

There were no video packages, no photos, no interviews, no segments, no suit, and "ZERO" presentation.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Trevor Murdoch & Mike Knox

                    Oof... This one was a bit weird. I love these dudes..but..they don't seem to know what they're saying here.

I agree with you, though, Trevor! I, too, am tired of turning on my TV and having politicians lie to me...but what's this have to do with being a pro wrestler? And believe me...I'm tried, too, of going to the grocery store, spending one hundred dollars and only being able to afford two meals..but, again...

And might wanna sit down for a bit. You're not making much sense either.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Blunt Force Trauma v. The Fixers

                    Well, we're here. Poor Aron Stevens


These teams are boring, man! I don't get this division at all... It's packed with nothing but outdated gimmicks or childish buffoons!

Like the challengers here: The Fixers. These guys are badasses who act like dumbasses... I swear, they parade around the ring, chanting their own tag team name after every big move... They might as well be yelling, "O'Doyle rules!"

Who is this product for?! The NWA World Tag Team Championships are on two guys named "Carnage" and "Damage"...and, just like a couple of Pokémon, they can basically only say their own names....

Just weak.

Thanks for reading! I am not a wrestling journalist. I don't have a star rating system. I'm just a viewer, a simple fan, and a historian through and through. 

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