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NWA Powerrr Episode 139

DAVE REDIGER | December 26, 2023 in Champaign, Illinois

                    "This is the NWA. Where Christmas Spirit lives...and miracles are forged." I love it! I bet we're in for one hell of a Christmas-themed event, aren't we? Well...!

The National Wrestling Alliance has returned to the Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios in Atlanta, Georgia for a "Christmas" edition of NWA Powerrr, entitled "Christmas Hangover" called by Joe Galli and Danny Dealz... and, yes, I must put the word "Christmas" in quotations here because, esthetically, this was an awful presentation. I'm actually quite shocked that Billy Corgan, the head visionary behind the entire nostalgia of his National Wrestling Alliance brand, would even allow this episode to air without "ZERO" attention to detail. 

I mean, you'd at least expect him to do some weird, gothic, Nightmare Before (or after) Christmas theme... being the original Pumpkin King himself...but, besides the opening match-up screens, there was...nothing! No garland, no trees, and not even one wreath in sight... Bah Humbug!

Shoutout to play-by-play broadcaster Joe Galli, though, for being the only person on this entire show to be in the Christmas spirit. Not even his broadcast partner, Danny Dealz could fit the teeniest holiday pin on his sloppy-looking outfit to help this event feel more festive. Whatta Scrooge.

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          source | National Wrestling Alliance


                    Six teams all enter the ring to compete in an over-the-top-rope battle royal for an opportunity to face a set of NWA Tag Team Champions of their choosing. Seems uh...fair..???

I don't really understand the logic behind consistently having the inmates run the asylum... Honestly. Last week, Mims got to choose his own challenger for his NWA Television Championship...And now, the team who's lucky enough to not fall in the lava automatically qualifies to face either Blunt Force Trauma or The Immortals?! How about a management team that establishes a ranking system, or a championship committee, authority figure...anything! (social media doesn't count.)

Regardless! We're here...and the teams consist of: The Outrunners (Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd), The Slimeballs (Sage & Rant), The Savages (Blake Troop & Chris Silvio), Boz & "Chrisifix" (yep..), Eric Jackson & De'Vin Graves, and The Stew Crew (Zach & Dylan Stewart). It's time to grant a ChRiSTmAS WiSH!

Okay, I'll say it... With the exception of the fantastic team of The Outrunners, and even The Savages, this mess looked like a backyard wrestling match. You had fat guys, blue jeans, awkward-fitting singlets, God.. slime balls... But least they all had boots!

Long story short, the super backyarder-duo of Rant & Sage, The Slimeballs, slimed their way to a win...perhaps from being far too slimy to truly get a handle on...and, instead of wishing for new ring gear this year, they wished for title shots against Kratos & Odinson, the Vikings, for the NWA United States Tag Team Championships at NWA Paranoia.

Of course it's going to be The Slimeballs versus the Vikings for the NWA US Tag Team Championships...Just like it was The Clowns versus the Vikings two weeks ago in Sarasota...because this all fits into Billy Corgan's odd new sideshow vision for the National Wrestling Alliance where he continuously cheats the NWA diehards out of great competitive matchups, like possibly giving The Outrunners a-go, and fills up his cards up with cheesy, gimmicky niches.

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          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Blunt Force Trauma with Aron Stevens

                    And now on to the top champions! The NWA World Tag Team Champions, Blunt Force Trauma, who stand out each week due only to their immensely skilled, silver-tongued manager, Aron Stevens.

Man, I could go on and on and on about Stevens...Okay, I will! Even when tasked with managing his two outdated, "scary masked men" gimmick clients, who are about to face-off against two equally-as-goofy heavyweights, The Fixers, next weekAron always prevails.. luring you in with his infectious delusions and convictions. Week-by-week, Aron Stevens continues to hone his craft and simply proves, to viewers like me, that he is much more suited for a talent with realistic, modern potential. GIVE HIM DAISY! (And also, change that damn name, Mr. Kill...)

And Aron, thank you for not touching the microphone. You found another way around it and that speaks volumes. 

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Missa Kate v. Sal the Pal

                    Men hitting women! Surely this can't be what "tradition" means in Billy Corgan's National Wrestling Alliance...I mean, the word is plastered right there on the ring apron..! 

Nothing makes Professional Wrestling look more phony than when men and women go 50/50 inside a squared-circle. Well, wait...let me dial that back. Gimps, Vikings, Clowns, horror movie gimmicks, and whatever the hell Maxx the Impaler is ALSO makes pro wrestling look pretty damn phony...but I digress!

Maybe "phony" isn't the right word for it.. (although it is). "CHEAP"! Yeah, that's more fitting! It's cheap to see a man and a woman exchanging headbutts, stomps, kicks, and lariats. It cheapens men and it cheapens the sport. And even though SaL tHE PaL is NWA's registered village idiot, it's still full-on testosterone versus full-on estrogen. And guess what....she won!

This sort of new-age, all-inclusive booking, and Billy's unfortunate lack of spine is both insulting to his viewers intelligence and is forcing unrealistically backwards thinking on an already confused generation.

Shame on you, Billy.

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          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Daisy Kill & Talos v. Carson Drake & Lord Crewe

                    This was the match of the night! Although any match tonight that valued common sense is an automatic contender for match of the night. And, of course, I've been a consistent fan of Daisy Kill. Silly name...but quite the badass! I was really pleased, too, with hearing the broadcasters, Galli and Dealz, state that Daisy will no longer sport a ukulele! That it's "all business [from now on]". One step closer!

And this was also a much better outing for his tag partner, Talos, who used his own size a lot more dominantly than two weeks ago in Sarasota... I can't express just how refreshing it is to see opponents who don't openly mock his size...despite being extremely smaller than him. Kills it every time.


Speaking of, Daisy & Talos' opponents, Carson Drake and Lord Crewe from Exodus Pro Midwest, were a breath of fresh air as well. Particularly Drake, who looks to be straight out of a 1980's wrestling all the best ways.

IF Billy Corgan is looking for talent to shape his roster...even though he's clearly more fascinated by the sideshow roots of Pro Wrestling, rather than NWA's own lineage, well then, he should keep athletes like Carson Drake close by. 

Thanks for reading! I am not a wrestling journalist. I don't have a star rating system. I'm just a viewer, a simple fan, and a historian through and through. 

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