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NWA Powerrr Episode 138

DAVE REDIGER | December 19, 2023 in Champaign, Illinois

The National Wrestling Alliance has returned to the Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida (the first time since 1987) for back-to-back episodes of NWA Powerrr! Joe Galli, former NWA Worlds Champion Tim Storm, and Danny Dealz call the action in this beautifully lit building, detailed to feel perfectly nostalgic as only owner Billy Corgan has been able to bring us time and time again.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Dak Draper v. Mims

                    The entire thought process behind a competitor allowing a friend to have an opportunity at his own championship has always been very odd to me. Firstly, that shouldn't even be within the champion's authority to do so. In fact, a champion really doesn't have ANY authority! Influence, certainly so...But the power to call his own shots..., absolutely NOT! Secondly, what kind of legitimacy does this display for the promotions bookers and/or rankings?


Regardless, both members of "C̶o̶n̶d̶o̶m̶  Magnum Muscle", Dak Draper & Mims, do square off for the prestigious NWA Television Championship to open up the night. But before I begin...let me get this straight, too..

So, NWA Television Championship matches, under Billy Corgan's ownership, are only given a time length of "6 minutes and 5 seconds"? Oh, I get it.. "6:05"!!!... Just like the start times of both NWA Powerrr and the old NWA television show on TBS... Cute...but again...huh?! Every other random match on television is given at least 10 minutes..! But the challengers for the NWA Television Championship are only granted 6?! (Talk about a championship advantage...)

Anyway... Draper vs. Mims. I like what I thought was transpiring here. Mims needs an edge. Bad. He's far too smiley and way too polite. Perhaps the experience of his own tag team partner attempting to pin him 4 times will snap him out of his naturally dopey demeanor. This is professional wrestling. This isn't about friendships, cool gear, or naming your tag teams after cheap dick puns

In the final moments of this tragically short 6 minute and 5 second commissioned championship match, Mims, feeling a bit out-wrestled, rolled out of the ring and let the time run out...there for retaining his championship through the technicality. And although Draper requested, and was denied, five-additional-minutes, Mims walked away with his title still intact and with newfound doubt in his eyes.

I like what I think I'm seeing..


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Blunt Force Trauma with Aron Stevens

                    I know that I shouldn't look past the NWA World Tag Team Champions..but...I'm gonna look past the NWA World Tag Team Champions. Because, unfortunately, they are yet another cheesy tag team holding championship gold inside Billy Corgan's odd sideshow of out-of-touch 1980's throwback gimmicks.


I just want to talk about Aron Stevens, who is 41 years young and possibly the most brilliant man in this entire promotion. He is a man who voluntarily retired from in-ring competition to begin managing acts like "Blunt Force Trauma", and, even when paired with challenges like this, finds masterful ways to drawn you in.

I see Heenan. I see Mantell. I see Blassie.


Stevens, you have an entire career in managing ahead of you. Don't ever quit. You are excellent. You are a treasure and an absolute lost art.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

Thom Latimer & Kamille v. Bryan Idol & Natalia Markova

                    Ho'boy! I hate mixed gender wrestling. Even in a "MiXeD TAg tEam STreeT FIGht".

This match was a bit different, though. For starters, it was a super rare "street fight" that didn't use any garbage weapons. THANK YOU! There weren't any tables, chairs, random items like Singapore canes, trash cans, and nobody bled from a headlock. It was simply an ass beating up the ramp and an ass beating back down the ramp.

I had never seen "Looks That Kill" before. At first glance, I didn't think too highly about Natalia Markova. Actually, the first words that came to mind were: "All tits and no talent"...because, well, that's what her ring gear sadly suggested. (It also didn't help seeing her shake her ass at the top of the stage before even getting to see her wrestle.)

You see, when professional wrestling has been plagued with fishnet wearing, studded out striperella wrestlers, going on twenty years now, it's difficult not to cast judgement. (I can say the same for big, doofy men and their dumb horror movie gimmicks.) The average female wrestler today looks more like a former contestant on VH1's "Rock of Love" rather than a trained badass professional wrestler.

But, boy, was I wrong with Markova! She has an incredible arsenal of moves! Specifically her kicks! She and former NWA World Champion (that's right, I said "WORLD CHAMPION"Kamille beat the hell out of each other during this contest. Strikes, chops, dives, and even up over the barricade. This confrontation stole the entire match. Oh yeah, there were guys in this, too...

Kamille is simply fantastic. She presents herself exactly how I wish ALL female wrestlers presented themselves. Strong, confident, and in shape. Throw that hair into a ponytail, put those tits away, and kick some ass! And if Natalia Markova truly presented herself more like the skilled Russian badass that she is, rather than a pretty Russian bombshell with barbie outfits...the NWA could have a serious division brewing here.


          source | National Wrestling Alliance

The Southern Six v. The Miserably Faithful

                    The Southern Six! Yep, they're the seniors now and they're gonna give all the freshmen hell this year!


Thillbilly Silas Mason..I'm looking at you, buddy. We all are. This man towers over his friends, hits harder, sounds better, looks better, and carries the NWA National Heavyweight Championship extremely well. He should be on his damn way to the Ten Pounds of Gold (and I hope that he is).


                    Last week, I didn't like the main event because it featured two Vikings facing off against two circus clowns.

This week, The Southern Six faced a band of corny "satanic?" gimmicks that featured a gimp named "Gaagz".

Good night.

Thanks for reading! I am not a wrestling journalist. I don't have a star rating system. I'm just a viewer, a simple fan, and a historian through and through. 

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