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Camp Nostalgic Studios TM is a video production studio, founded by Dave Rediger, in Champaign, Illinois, that combines the talents of independent storytellers!

the home of independent storytelling.

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March 25, 2024
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Chicago, Illinois

That's a wrap! 5 episodes of "Camp Nostalgic: Late Night Urge" starring Ariel Julie are recorded, being edited, & will begin releasing alongside "Saturday Morning" this July.


March 20, 2024
The Space
 - Champaign, Illinois

UP NEXT on Camp Nostalgic's Funny Ass Road Show: Rachel Lindemann!



March 17, 2024
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Chicago, Illinois

Stay up late with us beginning in July.


February 28, 2024
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Danville, Illinois



February 26, 2024
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Danville, Illinois

This upcoming season on Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning, we're hittin' the streets.


February 5, 2024
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Memphis, Tennessee

There are many reasons to party this year...and here's a really special one coming from us in October!


January 26, 2024
 - Bloomington, Illinois

Well, this photo proves it. Last night wasn't some odd fever dream.. The Sammy Hawtdogs Variety Show was a total blast!!

Thank you, also, to the nightshop staff for being so welcoming to us!


A brand new episode of Camp Nostalgic's' Funny Ass Road Show will be here real soon.


January 9, 2024
Rose Bowl Tavern
 - Urbana, Illinois

NEXT UP on Camp Nostalgic's Funny Ass Road Show, in association with CU Broad Comedy! We're back in Urbana, Illinois, at the Rose Bowl Tavern, to see Farah Ismi!

Stay TUNED! This episode will be viewable this Saturday!


January 8, 2024
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Champaign, Illinois

Saturday just got bigger! 



On July 6th, season 3 of Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning premieres along with our brand NEW show.. Camp Nostalgic: Late Night Urge!


November 12, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Mahomet, Illinois

Joining Camp Nostalgic's very first special, airing in October 2024, is both Chase AND Shep along with Mercedes Desilva!

And we've got to pay respect to our good friends, and the official hearse wranglers for the day, Stephen (of Uncle Fluffy's Beard Company) & Sabrina Akers!

Keep checking back in with us throughout the following year for more details.


September 30, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Memphis, Tennessee

What if we told you that there was going to be a party hosted by that Mr. Pat guy from the show "Flick 'n a Feast"...?

And that the guest list included some of your favorite people from Camp Nostalgic & our fellow independent storytelling friends! 

Now THAT would be a great special to release in October 2024!


September 17, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

'Park Rangers' lead, Aaron Martin, has joined the cast of Camp Nostalgic Studios TM first special, airing in October 2024!

And Isabela Athey of Isabela Innovations the project with drone shots!


August 20, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

Camp Nostalgic Studios TM has officially begun production on their first special!

Airing in October 2024, you'll be able to enjoy the artistry of Katherine Bokenkamp, Austin Beaty, Andy Due, Breelyn FayChase Todd, and many many more independent storytellers yet to be announced!


August 19, 2023
A Couple of N3rds
 | Spotted Octopus Brewing Company - Buffalo, New York

The good people over at the Spotted Octopus Brewing Company in Buffalo, New York enjoying a viewing of Setting Up Camp: A Couple of N3rds!


"ONE WEEK AWAY from season 2 of Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning. Impatiently waiting & doodlin' all my excitement away." - Gela Rediger


June 14, 2023
Art by Gela Rediger |
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

You smell that? Gela Rediger's been letting this one simmer all year long! A brand NEW episode of "Stupie & Fran-Fran" is on its way!


May 29, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Champaign, Illinois

See you again on July 1st.


"This cartoon still stinks..even when it comes out of the inkwell.." - Gela Rediger


May 1, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Champaign, Illinois

[AD] CAMP NOSTALGIC: SATURDAY MORNING MARATHON | On Saturday, JUNE 3, 2023, Camp Nostalgic Studios presents: The "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" Marathon! 

* First 6 episodes of "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning"!
* Never-before-seen footage of the making of the show!
* An opportunity to chat LIVE with cast, crew, & friends!

April 21, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

A brand NEW block of "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" will be starting in July! That means more skits, different topics, original music, cameos, and MORE!


April 21, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Champaign, Illinois

Our good friend, the "G.O.A.T of Quote" himself, Austin Beaty, doesn't just flex those beefy deductibles around town..No no...He's also been known to crank that Stepmom Boat Party during his morning routines!

If you're into Stepmom's, boats, parties, bands with those things in the title, or just need that extra head-turner at the gym..pick yourself up an official Stepmom Boaty Party T-shirt HERE


March 30, 2023
Camp Nostalgic Studios 
TM - Champaign, Illinois

Become a groupie for the official "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" house band with a Stepmom Boat Party t-shirt! 



March 20, 2023
via Earth-217

Gela was on Chase & Shep's Monday for the Mind podcast last night!

She talked about her recent trip to Buffalo, New York, animation, and even some quick mentions about "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning" season 2.

March 15, 2023
A Couple of N3rds | Spotted Octopus Brewing Company
 - Buffalo, New York

Dave & Gela just wrapped up production on their latest independent story!



Coming up, A Couple of N3rds!


January 22, 2023
Art by Gela Rediger | Camp Nostalgic Studios TM - Champaign, Illinois

Alex & Dave are fishin' up new ideas for Season 2 of "Camp Nostalgic: Saturday Morning"! Check out this new animated bumper from Gela!


December 23, 2022

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Dylan Prosecky.


He was the brother of Dustin Danger & Mr. Jason, of The Villens, and his presence at both "A Christmas Show with Rebelsfare Collective" & on set of the Danger&JeRm music video, "Birds", will forever remain in our hearts.


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